“Elizabeth L. Cline is the Michael Pollan of fashion.” —Michelle Goldberg, senior writer for Newsweek/The Daily Beast

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Born in a small town in South Georgia, Elizabeth L. Cline was socially conscious from a very young age; her first job was working at her local newspaper, The Cairo Messenger, writing about and advocating for the local migrant worker community and local labor rights. After receiving a degree in Political Philosophy from Syracuse University, she moved to New York City in 2002, where she currently works as a journalist, public speaker and musician, in the heavy metal band, Mortals.

Elizabeth’s first book, Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion, has received wide critical acclaim from publications including The New York Times Book ReviewThe Los Angeles TimesThe Wall Street Journal, and Publishers Weekly and has generated a whirlwind of radio, print, and TV attention: Most notably, she has been a featured guest on “Fresh Air” with Terry Gross, “NBC Nightly News” with Brian Williams, BBC’s “The World,” and NPR’s “On Point.” In 2013, a garment factory in Bangladesh collapsed, killing 1,130 people, and Elizabeth was once again called to comment on working conditions in the country by countless TV and radio stations including BBC, NPR, and CBC ,and she was invited to be a featured columnist for TheNation.com, writing about labor in the global fashion industry.

Ethical and sustainable fashion is now a worldwide movement, and Elizabeth is widely considered to be a leading thinker and expert on the subject. She travels regularly to lecture on ethics and sustainability in the fashion industry and has recently given talks at the Fashion Institute of Technology, Boston College, and George Washington University, among many others. She is also featured in Alex James: Slow Fashion Pioneer, an upcoming documentary about the toll of disposable fashion, which will air across the U.K. in the spring of 2015.

Elizabeth currently write for The Nation, TheAtlantic.com, NewYork.com, Sourcing Journal, AMCtv.com, Sundance.com, and the Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator blog, among other publications. To learn more about her band, you may visit the Mortals website.