elizabeth cline

Elizabeth Cline
is a New York-based journalist who holds a degree in Political Philosophy from Syracuse University. She started her career as an intern at The Nation magazine in 2002 and has held staff positions as a web editor for New York magazine and Seed magazine. She is currently an editor for AMC television's website, AMCtv.com, and has written for The Daily Beast, New York magazine, Popular Science, The New Republic, Village Voice, Seedmagazine.com, and Etsy.com, among others. Overdressed is her first book.

All media inquiries and general questions should be directed to her at elizabeth.l.cline AT gmail.com.


What's Behind Cheap Chic Fabrics?
Acrylic, viscose, acetate: What are these alien terms on clothing labels, anyway? Elizabeth Cline digs into the shiny, strange-sounding stuff we wear.
Etsy.com, August 2011

The History of a Cheap Dress
100 years ago, women had to drop $600 for the latest styles. Today a fashionable dress is cheaper than a bag of dog food. How did we get here?
Etsy.com, June 2011

Sex and the Kitchen

A new book says women cooking for men in primitive societies led to modern-day sexism. But as attitudes about food evolve, it's increasingly the one in the chef's hat who wears the pants.
The Daily Beast; July 1, 2009

No Candidate For Young Women
Hillary Clinton is struggling among young women in part because
women are so successful on campus that they don't feel any need
to vote based on gender.
The New Republic, Feb. 29, 2008

The Coming Oil-Free Utopia
In $20 a Gallon, Christopher Steiner argues that rising oil prices will not unravel society, but rather change it for the better.
seedmagazine.com, July 8, 2009

Painting and the Pleistocene
The Art Instinct author Dennis Dutton on the arts as evolutionary adaptations.
seedmagazine.com, January 19, 2009

Ida-Lized! The Branding of a Fossil
Jørn Hurum, the History Channel, and PLoS ONE editors tell us
how and why they kept the story of the "missing link" fossil a secret.
Seedmagazine.com; June, 2009

Building Without Walls
A new breed of architectural objects, inspired by theoretical science, is changing how we think about building and what counts as art.
SeedMagazine.com; July 9, 2009

Transmale Nation
Remaking manhood in the genderqueer generation
Village Voice, June 15, 2004

The Rise of the New Chick Flick
Far from the "women's pictures" of the fifties or the soft-focus Bette Midler weepies of the eighties, Baby Mama is the pinnacle of the new era of female buddy movies — a genre we like to call the GFF, or the Girlfriend Flick.
nymag.com; Vulture Blog; March, 2008

From Pool to Party
A look into the dried-up Depression relic that’s become
New York’s freshest, coolest concert space.
New York Magazine, 2007

TV on the Radio's Tunde Adebimbe Stops the Rain
The kind-hearted front man talks Sonic Youth, hamburgers, and the apocalypse.
nymag.com; Vulture Blog, 2007

Nice Guys Finish Alone
A chat with the considerate (and celibate) leader of Explosions
in the Sky.
Nerve.com, 2007

Pool Crashing
Getting your chlorine fix for free.
New York Magazine

Go Gay-Club Hopping Guadalajara
Dance all night in this cheap, cosmopolitan Mexican city.
nymag.com Weekend Escape Plan, Apriil 2010

See a Solitary Side of the Smoky Mountains
The nation's most-visited national park is replete with remote
outdoor adventures, especially in spring.
nymag.com Weekend Escape Plan

Concert-Hop in Knoxville
From weekly jazz performances to lo-fi indie shows, this once-decaying football town has become a new hot spot for music. Here’s what to tune in to this fall.
nymag.com Weekend Escape Plan



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